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Bonjour! Merci pour votre intérêt pour Peony Moments, je m'appelle Aurélie et je suis ravie de vous e-rencontrer.

Amoureuse de l’Amour et des mariages, de ce moment si unique et propre à chaque couple, j’aime donner vie aux idées de mes mariés et rendre cette journée mémorable. Ma plus grande satisfaction est de voir l’émotion à travers leurs sourires et leurs regards le jour du mariage.


Forte de mon expérience suite à plus de 60 mariages, j’ai acquis les compétences liées à l’organisation et la coordination du jour J. 


Passionnée et déterminée je mets ma joie de vivre et réactivité au service des mariés pour que leur expérience (préparation et jour J) soit inoubliable.



I truly cannot say enough about Aurelie. I was planning a wedding that was in France while I was in the US without ever seeing the venue or being able to meet any of the vendors, taste any of the food, in only 6 months and in the middle of the COVID pandemic. The only way I was able to do it was because of Aurelie. She worked tirelessly, through all hours of the day and on weekends to make sure that everything was perfect. She was always available to answer my questions, get me through my anxiety and to make sure absolutely everything was getting done. She not only helped with the wedding day, but she coordinated the rehearsal dinner, welcome party, gifts for the guests and was available for the best man to plan a quick bachelor activity during the weekend. She was up before any of us and went to bed the latest. She was available to every single guest throughout the weekend to make sure they were getting what they needed. She even stepped up and officiated the wedding last minute! Every single guest was raving about her and her dedication towards making the whole weekend amazing. This is very long but it is all to say that I could not have had a better person by my side throughout the whole process! I would choose Aurelie as my wedding planner over and over again and cannot recommend PeonyMoments enough. You will not be disappointed!! She will make your wedding the best day of your life.


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Paris, France

+ 33 6 48 88 23 88

Merci !

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